#SpeedIdeation: Software Tools at Work – BYOT(ools)

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It’s amazing how fast the crowd can solve issues….


… and just a reminder….only 7 more hours until #SpeedIdeation Kick-Off…

#SpeedIdeation – Registration

We had a small issue with registration forwarding – solved now.

In case you did submit something in the last 2 hours, please do again – sorry for this


#SpeedIdeation registration is open – submit your ideas & issues you’d like to discuss on Aug 11

Let us know what IT related ideas or issues you want to discuss during #SpeedIdeation crowd chat on August 11. Use this link to get started!


#SpeedIdeation – Teaming Up

We received some questions on teaming up for certain ideas or issues.

How about the following suggestion (please let us have your comments)?

Precondition: We find out we’re not able to solve / come to conclusion during CrowdChat session

Someone (chat participant or host) will ask the question if there are volunteers to work on this. If there are at least 2 people willing to do so we (i.e. Admins) will set up the team room  – this of course assumes that volunteers are willing to work together in public.

#SpeedIdeation move to new site completed

As you can see, #SpeedIdeation’s new home is ready.

Of course, there’s still quite some work to be done, but all content from previous home is now available on the site you’re reading right now.

Progress on additional stuff re site-setup is available here

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