Let’s Co-Create A New Vision for SMAC Convergence

We are now writing the introductory chapter in TechAmerica’s research examining the nexus of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud.  CSC is hosting a #SpeedIdeation event with an open discussion on the changing role of government, the meaning of national security, and our entire approach to intelligence collection and law enforcement. … Join the co-creation Monday (9/29/14). … Your comments will help shape the research and we will, of course, acknowledge your contribution in the final report.

#SpeedIdeation CrowdChat Sep 22 – 3pm CEST, 9am EDT

This coming week we’ll start one hour earlier. Soren and Thomas will lead a discussion on public WiFi for business purposes as discussed on Twitter. The two main hosts will publish more information soon. Chat will be as usual here: https://www.crowdchat.net/SpeedIdeation   /Chris

Next #SpeedIdeation Event on Monday, September 15

Looking forward to global creativity again. Thanks to @jerryaoverton for hosting http://www.via-cc.at/91mqh /Chris

Software Engineering for the Data Scientist

  I came up as a software developer and only recently have I gotten into data science. Software engineering is in my bones, but for many of my colleagues, software engineering is a bit of a mystery.  That’s a problem because it affects productivity.  Data scientists need software engineering skill — just not all the skills a professional software engineer needs.  So what are the essential software engineering practices needed in data science?   In this #SpeedIdeation I’m calling on all software engineers, hackers, and data scientists to brainstorm on the best practices… Read More

#SpeedIdeation progress

After some days of vacation and business travel we’re now preparing the next session. In the meantime we did get some traction in the project(s) started and also received additional ideas. I will post some updates over the weekend – next session date will also be published until Sunday /Chris

2nd #SpeedIdeation: Simulating New Business Innovations

We’ve created a new method of business model simulation and used it to simulate the market disruption of Blockbuster by Netflix.   Click here for the interactive simulation: https://plot.ly/~jerryaoverton/4 The simulation anticipates that the Netflix model can become profitable with much less investment than is required for the Blockbuster model; and it anticipates that the Netflix model has a greater overall revenue potential than the Blockbuster model [Des]: Table 1: The observed performance of Blockbuster and Netflix. Source [Des] The simulation predicts a period of similar performance, followed by a period where… Read More