The idea of #SpeedIdeation was born in a @CSC Soundbites event on CrowdChat on July 11, 2014. At the very end of the chat we discussed the idea of fast-track reviews, ideation, solutioning – all crowd based. While we originally started with going broader & deeper on chrisfangmann.com, it soon turned out we’ll need a dedicated space. So, here we are.

Today, August 2nd 2014, main information is still on the old site, but we’re working on getting everything moved over to here within the next couple of days – tasks & status of this can be found here.

#SpeedIdeation will be in Continuous Shape Condition – i.e. we’ll continuously reflect and adapt in agile manner, while still some basic principles will remain stable:

  • Open and transparent
  • All discussions based on CrowdChat and Crowd Collaboration here – no hiding, all public
  • Everybody can raise issues and ideas to be evaluated
  • Everybody can chime in with comments, solution approaches, partial solutions or additional questions – no limits other than rational behaviour and commitment to contribute
  • Aiming to find fast solutions or – where not possible – find teams willing to work together to find solutions


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